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About: We Create Sustainable Developments for the Future.

CTG Development Company is creating, sustaining and transforming the future through innovative approaches to private-public partnership and unique developments.

With a vast collection of expertise, partners and services to include planning, design, finance, construction and development; CTG has a portfolio of nationally acclaimed projects. Always on the cutting edge, CTG incorporates the latest advances in technology, design and sustainability. CTG Development Company is a privately owned, Florida based development and construction company, focused on placemaking and healthy developments. Our strategy is centered around a core vision for identifying opportunities with potential for significant capital appreciation through land entitlement, development/re-development and community design. Our mission is to create dynamic Placemaking and Healthy Developments and mixed-use developments that provide positive fiscal impacts to communities, while utilizing designs to incorporate green building practices and sustainable materials.

As a renowned construction company, CTG has been the largest African-American owned construction services enterprise in the state of Florida with more than $650 million in commercial, education, university, military, municipal and industrial/transportation projects completed to date.

CTG Development Company sets exceptionally high standards for site and building designs and fitting well with the surroundings in which our projects are located. We tailor our design and construction teams to fit the needs and characteristics of a particular project. CTG works to assist private and public entities to determine the best use and value potential of property, and analyze feasibility of development projects. CTG places great emphasis on the economics of a project to ensure that it is realistic in terms of both the market demand and development costs.

CTG Development Company employs a full-spectrum development approach, managing the investment process throughout all phases of asset acquisition, planning and entitlement. On select projects, CTG also manages the construction and sales processes together with its general contractor affiliate and sales and marketing team.

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Our success is rooted in our unique expertise of creating  innovative solutions and close collaboration to enable our clients to successfully meet all of your objectives.