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Florida A&M University Embarks to Build A
Transformative and Placemaking Development Project

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Florida A&M University (FAMU) has embarked to build a transformative and placemaking development project. The Development is the creation of a sports anchored development which includes new student housing, a compact mixed-use neighborhood with a diverse mix of employment, education, retail, fresh and healthy food outlets. The Development includes a 35,000 seat multi-purpose sports stadium, boutique hotel, mixed-use and retail, student housing, athletic and sports entertainment facility, conference and events center, parking, student service center facility and indoor/outdoor program amenities.

The development creates an innovative solution that serves as a catalyst for renewal along the Monroe-Adams Corridor and the “main street” of FAMU’s campus on the corner of Adams Street and Orange Avenue. The design is deeply rooted in ensuring it is a placemaking development in that it is designed to intentionally use arts and culture to shape the physical, social, and economic future of communities to promote civic engagement, and contributes to quality of life for all people who live, work, worship, learn, and play within its borders.

The Development is Florida A&M University’s opportunity to transform the campus and the Southside Community into Placemaking Urban Development. It will be an inspiring and engaging place that will generate greater outcomes for the community’s social, economic and physical well-being. The City of Tallahassee supports the Development because to will transform not only FAMU but, for the Southside and Sun City. It will make FAMU a pioneer for campus revitalization at HBCU’s across the nation.

The Development will enhance the University’s academic excellence, student retention, increased admissions, and a driving force in the community. The impact of the project could improve the City of Tallahassee by bringing in more jobs and serving as a destination location with the creation of the mixed-use & retail centers as well as the stadium. The components are configured on the site in a way that compliments each other. Positioning the athletic facilities by the stadium for convenient accessibility for athletes and coaches as well as establishing mixed-use buildings adjacent to the stadium for fans to utilize before and after games and events makes the Development an attractive area for students, businesses, and members of the community.

The Development is more than a regular development project. It is revolutionary. The Development advances the University’s mission, reflects its core values, engages its stakeholders in the process and expands the University’s ability to deliver on its brand promise. Revitalization projects like this engage or re-engage senior leadership, board of trustees, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, students, parents, coaches, university partners and other stakeholders.

CTG, A Development Company, (CTG) was awarded a transformative and placemaking development project on the campus of the historic Florida A&M University (FAMU).

CTG Development Company Marketing & Communication Department handles information and resources for the news media regarding The Development at Florida A&M University. General information on the development is available below.
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  • Student Housing – The new, suite style residence halls will include 700 beds (Phase 1) and create a living – learning community. The elements included in the dormitories will shape students learning outcomes in a positive way by presenting them with modern amenities tailored to aid with academics, accessibility, and recreation. Some of these amenities will include lounge areas, study rooms, private bathrooms, and laundry facilities. These building will also serve as a venue to host new student programs.
  • Multi-Purpose Stadium – During a game, fans have full 360-degree access to the concourse for ease of access. Rising from the field in three tiers, this 35,000 seat stadium pulls fans as close to the field as possible while keeping optimal site lines. The stadium will remain flexible for other sports such as soccer and lacrosse while featuring 35,000 Total Seats, 20 Leasable Luxury Suites, 4 Non-leasable, University-Utilized Luxury Suites, 16 Lounge Boxes, 1,076 Premium Club Seats and 3,000 Priority Seats.
  • Boutique Hotel – A great destination for a hotel is near campus because they fall into the sphere of influence and have predictable seasonality. This is one of the reasons why a hotel anchored to the stadium will be created. The boutique hotel will feature 86 beds, a restaurant and excellent view over of the Development.
  • Mixed-Use & Retail – Construct Two has interwoven the concept of mixed-use developments into the Development that will allow for retail, eateries and other businesses to utilize this infrastructure creating an ideal destination spot for students and members of the community. This will act as more than the common shopping excursion but a location for leisure and union as well as offer solutions to Tallahassee being considered a food desert.
  • Athletic Facilities – The Development will establish new, athletic facilities. The FAMU Athletic Training center will incorporate state-of-the-art training and practice venues. Other facilities will include a football training center, coaching facilities, meeting rooms, an indoor football practice facility, and an outdoor football practice facility. There will also be a weight room, equipment room, and several classrooms.