The Spiderman Ride incorporates 3-D animation with a gyrating, undulating and pulsating computer-controlled vehicle that transports riders through a continuum of special effects including fires, explosions, deluges and flying. Continuous reel films, synchronized with sound controlled by a bank of computers and multiple sets of twin, high speed 70-mm movie projectors with precision timing, that flash 3-D scenes on both flat and curve I-Max-sized surfaces provide the backdrop for this ride. The facility's interior load and unload sections were designed and constructed to portray a newsroom with banks of televisions located throughout, which continually run news reports to alert the guests of dangerous situations involving comic book villains. The attraction handles 2400 people per hour, for an average of 14 hours per day, 365 days per year


Client: Universal City Property Management, LLC
Completion Date: May 1999
Project Size: 50,000 s.f.