A Multi-Phased Project  featuring classroom space, environmental remediation, a temporary modular high school campus, demolition of the 1953 school structure, major retention pond and a fast-track cafeteria on a functioning high school campus was implemented.   Phase A - was designed and constructed to house the campus’ science teaching labs, classrooms and related support areas. The science labs contain built-in Bunsen burners, acid resistant counter tops, chemical storage units and chemical wash stations.   Phase B - contained 58 classrooms and houses 1550 student stations. A unique feature in each classroom is an audio enhancement system that allows teachers to project their lectures to the back of the classrooms over a cordless speaker system. The administration building contains a main reception area, conference rooms, administrative offices, faculty lounges, a counseling center with reception area and a school clinic.   Phase C - consisted of the removal of the portable city, construction of all parking lots and paved areas, relocation of retention ponds, a greenhouse and shade house, a machinery/storage building, custodial receiving/storage building and construction of the final building containing the gymnasium, media center and auditorium.


Client: Orange County Public Schools
Completion Date: March 2005
Project Size: 214,000 s.f, nine building campus