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BET SoundStage Club

This project constructed in Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island provided the club with the ability to serve as an entertainment club with the added capability of both live and recorded performances broadcasting via radio and television medias. The interior building design featured elliptical which lended itself to high quality acoustics. The soundstage was equipped with state-of-the-art […]

3-D Animated Spiderman Ride

The Spiderman Ride incorporates 3-D animation with a gyrating, undulating and pulsating computer-controlled vehicle that transports riders through a continuum of special effects including fires, explosions, deluges and flying. Continuous reel films, synchronized with sound controlled by a bank of computers and multiple sets of twin, high speed 70-mm movie projectors with precision timing, that […]

Hulk Roller Coaster

This state-of-the-art ride incorporates 21st century technology with a metal roller coaster that glows green at night. Riders are launched within a 32,000 pound ride vehicle rather than gravity propelled through a 30 degree inclined tunnel where 220 individual motors and digital motor controllers that are powered by three dc motor generator sets with flywheels […]

Coronado Springs Resort and Convention Center

This 200,000 S.F. Southwestern/ Mexican-themed resort project which was constructed on a 142-acre site and included 12 lodge buildings with 1921 rooms. It also included a 250,000 S.F. convention center with a health club, two laundry buildings, a Pargo building, bus pavilion, pool buildings and various other site buildings.