Project Description

Construct Two Group performed as the Construction Manager at Risk on this unique project that allowed us to be involved with both design and construction. One of our main responsibilities was to conduct constructability reviews to ensure Universal’s vision of this roller coaster was attainable. This state-of- the-art ride incorporates 21st century technology with a metal roller coaster that glows green at night. Riders are launched within a 32,000 pound ride vehicle rather than gravity propelled through a 30 degree inclined tunnel where 220 individual motors and digital motor controllers that are powered by three dc motor generator sets with flywheels produce a 9 megawatt -burst to shoot the car from 0 to 40 mph in 1.8 seconds. In the course of two minutes and 15 seconds, the car runs through seven rollovers and a plunge into two subterranean enclosures. The 15,000 s.f. load and unload facility controls the roller coaster and supplies the power that propels the coaster. It also contains support areas that were outfitted with state-of-the-art special effects through the use of CATV and sound. This project was built on the cutting edge of technology utilizing the latest mechanical, electrical, fire protections and plumbing systems and materials. The load and unload facility was designed and constructed to create a themed comic book look. The system carries 1920 people per hour, with a one-minute cycle interval. It runs an average of 14 hours per day, 365 days per year (not including maintenance cycles). The attraction has been in service since January 1999, and is currently achieving 99.8% availability. The challenges of a must have available date and incorporating systems used for the first time in this configuration stressed the need for us to rapidly provide objective insight on feasibility, design choices, cost and associated risk. To meet these challenges, we switched from corporate to site based Value Engineering support. This greatly accelerated our ability to manage change and cost.

Project Details

Client Universal City Property Management
Location Orlando, FL
Surface Area 15,000 s.f.
Completed 1999
Value $12.4 million