CTG Development Company is led by seasoned professionals experienced in all phases of development and sectors of construction which include residential properties, office spaces, parking garages and retail assets.

CTG Development Company is creating, sustaining and transforming the future through innovative approaches to private-public partnership and unique developments. With a vast collection of expertise, partners and services to include planning, design, finance, construction and development; has a portfolio of nationally acclaimed projects. Always on the cutting edge, CTG incorporates the latest advances in technology, design and sustainability.

CTG Development Company adds value to the services it provides through its Development Division by navigating the complex maze of regulatory entitlements with a depth of experience, expertise, and the resolve it takes to reach the finish line. If you’ve ever experienced running the gauntlet of obtaining land use permits from various local, State, and Federal agencies, you know that it can be a time consuming, frustrating, and costly endeavor.

CTG has consistently proven its aptitude in securing entitlements for the benefit and convenience of their stakeholders, which in turn, has enhanced their project’s bottom line.

CTG Development Company is a privately owned, Florida based development and construction company, focused on Placemaking developments, and building Healthy Communities. Our strategy is centered around a core vision for identifying opportunities with potential for significant capital appreciation through land entitlement, development/re-development, and community design. Our mission is to create dynamic developments that provide positive fiscal impacts to communities, while utilizing designs to incorporate green building practices and sustainable materials.

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